Monday, May 12, 2008

Have some fun with cardboard.....

We get them every month with our kits...those big 'ol usps boxes! Most of us probably just throw them in the recycle bin, but STOP! Don't throw it out this time....take it apart and use it on your pages....On the first layout, I actually cut out pieces and recreated my house, then placed a photo of my house on the "front porch". On the second one I ripped a piece of the box, inked/painted it and then placed my photo, embellies, etc. On the last layout, I actually used a piece of the box as the base page for my layout. I ripped off the top paper layer so you could see the corrugated board, then inked/painted over it and finished the layout on top of it. You can use it as a mat for your photo, you can use it as the base page for your layout....have some fun and think of it as doing good for the community because you're recycling!

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