Friday, May 16, 2008

Scrapping Journal

Do you find yourself thinking about scrapping at strange times? I find myself finding inspiration while watching tv all the time. I also find myself falling asleep with ideas and visions floating in my head. The problem is that I always forget my grand ideas when I try to think of them later. So, I finally started a scrapping journal. Anything and everything goes into this journal. Journaling ideas, quotes, challenges, sketches....anything! It's such a great reference to have when I decide to start a layout. I find myself sitting outside while watching the kids, just flipping through my journal and taking notes--what pictures would work, combining different ideas, paper ideas, etc, etc. Once I get to my scrap table I'm all set to go! If you are on the go and constantly on a time crunch when it comes to scrapping--try creating a journal! You can take your "layout planning" with you!

For my journal I picked up a cheap $2 small notebook at the drug store. I covered it and decorated it.

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